In view of the fact that there are various teaching methods of  Large Abstract Paintings on the Internet nowadays, in fact, they are only a brief introduction of various paintings, and they do not really involve academic matters. The following explanations are not unique views on painting techniques, but a summary of years of painting experience. They are only for your reference. I hope that readers can put forward valuable opinions or give valuable opinions to them. Subitems are added so that more readers can have a certain understanding of them.

Custom Abstract Wall Art and Custom Abstract Canvas Paintings

Oversized Abstract Art only appears in art appreciation, and only makes a simple concept introduction. In the course of painting, the training of all kinds of painting occupies different proportions, such as Chinese painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting, crayon painting, oil painting stick, printmaking, pen line drawing, sketch and so on, but there is no study and class hour arrangement of Large Abstract Wall Decor. Traditionally, we divide painting into Western painting and Eastern painting. Western painting is actually a synonym for oil painting, which has a history of thousands of years in Europe. With the development of science and technology and information technology, oil painting has spread all over the world, and has been developed to varying degrees. The development of oil painting in China has a history of nearly 100 years since the 1920s. Oriental paintings (such as Chinese ink painting, Japanese Ukiyo), and African sculptures and paintings, these are regional Big Modern Wall Art, can be called a national painting. Oil painting is a kind of world painting.

If you want to draw oil paintings, you need to have a certain understanding of oil paintings: first, you need to prepare professional canvas, wood (plywood) or oil painting paper as a medium for painting. (Canvas production will be explained later.) Usually we learn oil painting at the elementary level. We usually use wooden boards as the medium of painting, mainly for the convenience and easy modification of students'painting. We let students draw directly on a kind of three-ply board. In fact, wood oil painting is very popular in Western oil painting. It is hard and can be painted with scrapers, hard pens and other tools. Moreover, it can be painted very thick. If the painting is broken, it can be shoveled and painted again and again until the picture is satisfactory.

Oil painting is based on the medium of oil paints to create works. It has become a world-wide painting. First of all, it has a strong expressive force. For example, it can cover countless times and draw again and again. Secondly, it has bright color, strong saturation and is not easy to change color. Thirdly, it can be modified repeatedly and has strong plasticity. Especially it does not work as fast as watercolours and gouache paintings, but it is not easy to modify if the paintings are bad.

You should have a palette, it is a tool used by the painter for color adjustment, usually used to adjust the various colors is to use it to reconcile. Palette knife, using it can save the waste of color and adjust the color more evenly, you can use the palette knife to adjust the oil painting color on the palette.

Then you can use an oil brush to paint on the canvas that is ready in advance.