Living room decors-Condition 3 is fixed" of colour sketching is to show a colour still life sketching must be in illuminant fixed,Great Big Canvas Art object is fixed, environment is fixed below these 3 basic
premise ability undertakes, otherwise the colour relation of the picture will be disordered.

Only under the fixed light source,Black and White Art can we grasp the color relation of each part of the object.
As a phenomenon of light and color, the change of temperature is an objective existence, and it is related to people's visual physiological and psychological reflection.
So, under a certain light source, what will happen to the color of the object in a specific environment?
We know that when an object is exposed to sunlight, the light part will produce a warm feeling,Contemporary Art while the shadow part will produce a cold color
feeling. Almost everyone has this intuitive experience.
If intense sunshine illuminate is on white metope, the white metope that gets smooth illuminate can produce warm yellow color, the shadow place of metope shadow of backlight or trunk, branch leaves stays on white wall project can produce
a kind of slant shallow purplish the cold color of blue ash.EXTRA LARGE CONTEMPORARY PAINTING  If look closely again the colour of these shadow, we can discover the shadow of the upper part of the wall slant bluish gray, the shadow that is close to the ground gives a person with bluish in taking a few yellow colour feeling.

This is the reflection of the ambient color onto the projection.
The upper part of the shadow is bluish because of the reflection of the color of the sky light (blue sky).
The shadow of lower half produces slant yellow color gradually in blue attune, because the color of the ground is opposite its reflection and form.Additional, in the light color of overcast day neutralize falls in the illuminate of fluorescent lamp, because day light and fluorescent lamp belong to cool color, bright part presents cool light color very apparent, and the color of
dark part slant warm.
The list goes on and on.
It illustrates a basic truth: the light part of an object is cold, dark part is warm;
Warm in the light, cold in the dark.
The change of temperature of this kind of chromatic light phenomenon itself is a kind of objective existence, at the same time it is closely related with human visual physiology and psychology.
It is very important to understand and grasp the rules of color changes of objects, which is the basic basis for us to understand the color changes of objects in space and to carry out color sketching. Otherwise, the color relations of
various objects in the picture will be disordered and chaotic.
On the premise of understanding the decisive influence of light source color on the temperature and temperature of objects, we should also understand the changes and mutual relations caused by the interaction between the natural color of
objects and the environmental color.
The so-called natural color of an object is the result of the absorption and reflection of light by its components.
We know that the dazzling sunlight presents a seven-color light source under the separation of the prism. Different colors absorb different waves of light differently, so we get the inherent colors of different objects in the vision.
The intrinsic color of an object is only a basic concept of the color of an object.
If we carefully observe it in connection with the light source in the space and the color of the object in the environment, we will find that many subtle changes have taken place in the color due to the ups and downs, highs and lows of
the object itself, as well as the factors before and after, far and near.
In order to facilitate the analysis, we put the object light part, the middle tone, the dark part, the projection, the reflection and so on several big areas color change to explain one by one, enables the examinee to be able to grasp
its basic tendency in the complex color the genesis.
Generally speaking, the receiving part of an object's light is a warm color, and the opposite part of its back light is a cool color.
Bright part color is the mixture of light source color + natural color, light color is basically light source color + trace natural color.
Intermediate tonal level is the strongest with inherent color composition, have a few illuminant color and environmental color composition, the intersecting line is the complementary color of object color + this object color.
Dark color is the object's natural color + environment color.
Reflective color is mainly the environment color + a small amount of dark color, projection color is the complement of the object + subject to the projection of the object color + environment color.
The intensity of reflective color is related to the surface texture of the object, light wei object reflective color is strong, rough object reflective color is weak.
Clear afore - mentioned basic concept, we are in colour still life sketching or the colour sketching in the colour of a few other content can have a plan in one's mind, master the colour relation of each part in the picture actively,
summarize or, thorough or not, can show the colour relation with rich change of material image easily.